Girls Trip And Daytime Date Approved: Liberty Science Center’s Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition

Looking for a unique girls trip, or a new and fresh date idea with your man? Well, look no further than Liberty Science Center’s newest exhibit, Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition. Jersey City’s interactive science museum and learning center officially opened the doors to the traveling exhibit’s northeast premiere on February 18th.

In this fully interactive exhibit, you can put can put some populars myths to the test, just like Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, and the rest of the team from the long-running MythBusters TV show (I know I’m not the only one who was a huge fan!). Mythbusters is based on the process of discovery used by researchers around the world called the “scientific method.” They start with a question and idea about what they will discover (the hypothesis), then scientists figure out how to test it, design trials, then run them to see what happens. In the exhibition, guests use pre-built experiments from the TV show to bust new myths as well as some iconic favorites. I had the privilege of checking out this one-of-a-kind exhibit before they opened their doors to the public, and it certainly was an unforgettable experience (and the most fun I’ve had in quite some time!).

Inside this completely hands-on exhibition, which was designed to replicate the show’s workshop, you will find real props and gadgets from the TV show, plus interactive videos and illustrations. Stepping inside, you are immediately transported into Adam and Jamie’s iconic workshop, with no detail left unturned.  I had a blast seeing all the instantly recognizable items, from things that were blown up on the show, to a duct-tape boat and a plane, cool cars including a backwards-driving Porsche, and an arrow machine gun.

The best part about the exhibit for me was the interactive experience. This exhibition is a perfect match for Liberty Science Center’s mission to get people of all ages excited about the power and pure fun of science and technology, through hands-on experiences. Visitors are able to test myths for themselves, like trying to pull the cloth off a set table while leaving the dishes intact, seeing whether toast always falls butter-side down, determining whether they get wetter running versus walking through phosphorescent rain showers, and finding out how long they can hang from a window ledge or cliff, as so many movie stars have done over the years. There’s also a live show where participants can test to see if they are able to dodge a speeding bullet (in this case a paintball — safety first!). After completing the experiments, guests can add their own data to the list compiled by everyone else who has visited.

I truly had the BEST time playing testing out all of these popular myths, and was totally surprised by what we discovered after trying each one out (no spoilers here, you’ll have to head on over to LSC to find out for yourself!).

Seeing how long I can hang off “the edge of a cliff” (Spoiler: Only 20 seconds!)

Trying to pull the cloth off a set table while leaving the dishes intact

Seeing if I can dodge a speeding bullet during the exhibit’s live interactive show

After spending my afternoon having a blast at Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition, I immediately called up all my friends to tell them all about my amazing experience, and to plan a return visit, but this time with a big group. It’s the perfect place to come on a Saturday with a group of girlfriends for a unique and fun-filled girls trip. Or make it a Sunday afternoon date with your man. It also of course, makes the perfect weekend family outing and the kids will just love it. You will truly have the most incredible time and it sure beats your usual weekend brunch plans. The exhibit runs through September 4th, but trust me, you will want to get there much sooner.


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