30 Chic iPhone Cases To Elevate Any Ensemble

Since we never leave home without our iPhones (and they are always in sight either glued to our ear or gripped tightly in our hands), they have certainly become a large part of our daily ensembles. Decorating your phone with an ultra chic case is almost as important these days as keeping your shoe game on point. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love shopping for iPhone cases and I swap them out on a daily basis to fit my mood (or just to match my outfit). I recently discovered a fabulous New York based accessories brand, Vianel. They make the most killer leather iPhone cases that are fully customizable. Their simple designs are as timeless as they are functional. I fell in love with their Ostrich case in a rich cypress green shade (what a color right?). I of course couldn’t resist having my initials monogrammed (there’s nothing more regal and chic than monogramming in my humble opinion). I am quite sure this is just the first of many Vianel cases for me, as they have way too many fab colors and leathers to choose from. A girl needs her options (am I right?). And while you’re on their site, don’t forget to check out their Olivia Palermo Capsule Collection. It is everything you would hope it would be from Miss Palermo, and then some!

Scroll through below to shop some of my favorite iPhone cases that will help elevate any ensemble:


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